Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A grocery store in Nebraska broke a world record by making a 2,960-pound ice cream sandwich.  Then they divided it up and served it to families at two food banks.

2.  A cough drop heiress in the U.K. named Doreen Lofthouse passed away at 91, and left over $50 MILLION to support community projects in her hometown of Fleetwood, England.  Her family owns a cough drop company called Fisherman’s Friend.

3.  A guy in Florida dropped his wallet in a parking lot, and two teenagers showed up at his door the next day to return it.  There was over a hundred bucks inside, and he offered it as a reward.  But they refused and said they just wanted to do the right thing.

4.  This last one is tragic, but also about people coming together during the pandemic:  A 22-year-old woman in Arkansas named Emily Robison died of covid last month, right after she had a baby.

She and her husband Eric had read a lot of misinformation that claimed the vaccines were dangerous for pregnant women.  So they didn’t get vaccinated.  But people are coming together to help Eric, who’s now a 23-year-old single dad.

A nurse named Ashlee Schwartz asked people on Facebook to help, and there’s a photo of Eric posing in his driveway with a mountain of baby stuff people sent him.  She also started a GoFundMe page that’s raised about $25,000 to help him out.