Good News: Lone Cheerleaders, Fast Surgeons, and Evil Queens

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A high school cheerleader in Nebraska is going viral after everyone on her team quit . . . but she didn’t, and went to the state championships alone.  Her name is Katrina Kohel.  She says she put in too much time and effort to just quit.

The crowd cheered her on, and she managed to finished eighth in her division.  There were only 12 teams, but it’s the best her school has done in three years.  She’s planning to enlist in the Air Force after she graduates this summer.  (Here are some photos, and here’s her full routine.)

2.  A pregnant woman in Detroit got into a car crash while delivering groceries last week.  So a cop finished the deliveryfor her, and his chest-cam captured the whole thing on video.

3.  A surgeon in Philly named Adam Bonzin talked about a recent transplant that almost didn’t happen.  Last fall, his patient was set to receive a new liver.  But the car transporting it got stuck in traffic during the Philadelphia marathon.

So Adam left the hospital, basically joined the marathon, and ran half-a-mile in his scrubs to get to the car.  A cop drove him back, and the surgery was a success.

4.  A few different videos of this are making the rounds:  A 15-year-old kid with autism was at Disneyland recently.  And his dad posted footage of the Evil Queen from “Snow White” hanging out with him and showing him around.

She made sure he felt comfortable and had fun, but never once broke character.  His dad’s TikTok has videos of him meeting a bunch of other characters too.