Good News: Lemonade Stands, New Drivers, and a Much-Needed Hug

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A dog in Orlando got hit by a motorcycle this month and needed surgery.  So kids in the neighborhood opened a lemonade stand and raised $400 to help cover the vet bills.

2.  A woman in Australia was getting out of an Uber, and stopped to tell the driver he reminded her of her son, who passed away last year.  His dashcam video of it is going viral, because he immediately asked if he could give her a hug(Here’s the video.)

3.  A 21-year-old in Maryland named Lawrence Sapp has autism.  And he was struggling to get his driver’s license, because he couldn’t pass the written exam.  He knew the answers.  He just had problems with the wording, and failed it around 20 times.

But his mom cited the Americans With Disabilities Act, and asked the DMV if they’d be willing to tweak the test to make it more like the practice exams.  They eventually agreed.  And when he took it again, he got a perfect score.