Good News: Legos, Proposals, and Lifelong Bachelors

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  What a cool idea:  Lego is about to start selling special Lego bricks with braille on them, to help blind kids learn how to read.  Instead of eight little knobs on top of each brick, they’re laid out differently for each letter.  (Here’s a photo.)

They’ve been handing them out to charities for a few years.  But now they’ll also be available to buy starting next month.

2.  A 93-year-old lifelong bachelor in New Jersey is finally getting married . . . to a woman he first met at a wedding 64 years ago.  His name is Joseph Potenzano.  Her name is Mary Elkin, and she’s 83.

She was maid of honor at his sister’s wedding in 1959, and he was the best man.  They recently reconnected after her husband passed away.  The wedding is set for October.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  This went viral for a minute in April, but Upworthy just re-posted it:  Have you seen the video of a teacher sprinting through a school to go stop a fight?

She runs into a room yelling “break it up.”  Then she finds out the kids were just pretending to fight . . . to help her boyfriend PROPOSE.  (Here’s the video.)