Good News: Kittens, Teachers, and $8 Billion in Donations

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A woman from Boston named Sarah Bohan ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, and stopped in the middle to save a kitten.

She was 20 miles in when she spotted it on the side of the road, and scooped it up.  Then she ran around to different spectators until she found a woman who said she’d ADOPT it.  (Here’s a photo.)

Sarah was on pace to beat her personal record before spotting the kitten, but she doesn’t care.  She still finished in an impressive 3 hours and 31 minutes.

She happened to be running to raise money for a no-kill shelter called PAWS Chicago.  So, it was meant to be.  (Here’s an interview from after the race.)

2.  A 76-year-old teacher in Illinois named Paul Durietz was just awarded a Guinness World Record for “longest career as a social studies teacher.”  He’s been teaching at the same middle school for over 53 years.

3.  A guy named Chuck Feeney passed away on Monday at 92.  He made billions co-founding a company that owns a lot of the “duty free” stores you see at airports.  But he lived the last 30 years of his life on a strict budget after giving away his ENTIRE FORTUNE.

He was a big fan of “giving while living,” and launched a charity in 1982 called Atlantic Philanthropies.  They finally shut down three years ago after announcing they’d successfully donated it all.

Over 38 years, Chuck’s charity handed out $8 BILLION in grants.  Much of it was done anonymously.  (Here’s a photo.)