Good News: Kittens, Ducks, and Unlikely Lifeguards

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 12-year-old kid in Rhode Island named Alex Dupuis saved a classmate from drowning during a field trip this month.  Both of his parents are first responders with his local fire department, so it runs in the family.  But he stayed humble, saying “anyone could have done what [he] did.”

2.  A tow truck driver in Ohio helped cops save a kitten that got stuck between two wheels of a big rig.  The trucker spotted it while doing his pre-trip inspection.  He joked that now his boss has proof he actually does those checks.

3.  Meanwhile, animal control officers in Florida saved eight ducklings stuck in a storm drain the other day.  They used a long-handled net to fish them out, and reunited them with their mother who was waiting nearby.