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Good News: Kittens, Bikers, and Burgers

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A restaurant owner in California has raised over $375,000 to hand out to more than 400 restaurant workers who’ve been struggling.  He started a GoFundMe page a while back, but he’s also been selling burgers and letting people pay what they want.  He says the average burger donation has been around $30.

2.  A fishing boat caught fire and sank off the coast of Thailand, and all eight crew members made it off safely.  But a 23-year-old Thai sailor realized they’d left four kittens on board.  So he dove in, climbed on the ship as it was going under, and saved all of them.  There’s a photo of him swimming with one of the kittens riding on his back.

3.  A group of bikers in Sacramento found out an 83-year-old veteran hadn’t left his house in two years, because he didn’t have a wheelchair ramp.  So they built him one.

4.  A small town near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania decided to thank its only UPS driver for all his hard work this past year.  They waited for him at his last stop of the day . . . cheered when he pulled in . . . and gave him a card they signed, along with $1,000.

5.  Here’s a great pay-it-forward story:  Someone in Waco, Texas recently gave a homeless woman $100.  Then the homeless woman gave $20 of it to a random nine-year-old girl when she found out it was her birthday.  So the girl took the $20 . . . got another $130 in donations from friends and family . . . and threw a pizza party for the homeless.  Around 40 people got fed.

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