Good News: Kite Surfers, Unlikely Grads, and 38 Wet Dogs

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Three guys were out fishing on a lake in Mississippi and ended up catching something else instead . . . 38 dogs(???)  They spotted them all swimming in a group a mile from shore and scooped them up one by one.  It turned out they were fox-hunting dogs that followed a deer into the water and just kept swimming.

2.  A kite surfer got stranded on a cliffside beach near San Jose, California, and got rescued after using rocks to spell out the word “HELP” in the sand.  Someone in a helicopter spotted him and called it in.

3.  A grandmother in Utah named Kathryn Cole just graduated high school at age 97.  She was supposed to graduate in the 1940s, but her grandfather died and the funeral was the same day as her final exam.

She ended up staying home to help her family and never got her diploma, something she says she’s regretted her entire life.  But she’s been volunteering at her local school for years and helping kids learn to read.  So they decided all that work satisfied the one English credit she needed to graduate.