Good News: Kind Cops, Great-Grandmas, and Free Cars

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A DoorDash driver in New Hampshire got stopped for driving on a suspended license.  So a cop delivered her last order for her.  The customer had no idea what was going on when he saw a cop at his door with a McDonald’s bag.  He says he felt bad because he forgot to tip him.  (Can you tip a cop?  Probably not.)

2.  A great-grandmother in Massachusetts just claimed a $1 million lottery prize five days after she finally retired.  She says the win wasn’t what prompted it, “it was just time.”

3.  A 16-year-old in Oklahoma named Gabriella Bonham just got a free car, and it was a year in the making.  It all stemmed from a funeral in July of 2022.

Before she passed away, 68-year-old Diane Sweeny told her nephew to give her 2016 Volkswagen Beetle to someone who showed up for her funeral.  Not someone specific.  She told him to raffle it off.  So he did.

He announced the raffle in her obituary, and dozens of people Diane had never met showed up, including Gabriella.  So why are we just hearing about it now?

It took over a year to settle Diane’s estate, so the drawing just happened last month.  Diane’s nephew called Gabriella the “perfect” winner.  Quote, “Ayoung girl starting her life as Diane’s was ending.  It worked out perfectly.”

Gabriella says she’s always wanted a Beetle and called it “a dream first car” for her.  (Here’s a photo.)