Good News: Ketchup, AirTags, and a Very Cold Raccoon

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Railroad workers in Georgia saved a raccoon that somehow got its CROTCH frozen to a train track.  (???)  It happened last month in 10-degree weather.  Their best guess is he was trying to climb over the track, and lingered too long.  They used warm water to free him, and he ran off into the woods.  So he’s okay, but did lose some hair.  (Careful!  The uncensored video has profanity.)

2.  The Colombian navy just rescued a 47-year-old guy who was lost at sea for 24 days.  He says he survived on ketchup, garlic powder, and bouillon cubes.

3.  A one-year-old Australian Shepherd got swept away by floodwaters in California this week.  But firefighters were able to track him and eventually save him . . . because his owner keeps an Apple AirTag on his collar.

4.  A woman in Texas named Peggy Wall just got her class ring back 36 years after she thought she lost it.  It was actually stolen in the mid-’80s and used as evidence in a 1986 trial.  A lawyer found it in the basement of a courthouse.

He knew the school . . . the year she graduated . . . and it had her initials on it.  So he found a copy of her yearbook from 1956 . . . saw she was the only person with the initials “P.W.” . . . and tracked her down.  (Here’s a photo.)