Good News: Karate Teachers, Bad Tumbles, and a $1,300 Tip

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A waiter at an IHOP in Massachusetts got a nice tip the other day.  A group who calls themselves the “$1,000 Breakfast Club” stopped in and left him $1,300.

2.  Two idiots in Oakland, California recently tried to carjack a man in broad daylight.  But two random guys with sticks ran in and started beating on the carjackers’ car until they drove off.  It turned out the two guys work at a karate school across the street from where it happened.

3.  Rescuers in Maine saved a 15-year-old kid on Sunday after he slipped on a trail and fell 60 feet down the side of a mountain.  He broke his leg, but he’ll be okay.  Maybe they should add a guardrail or something . . . the name of the place is Tumbledown Mountain.