Good News: Joggers, Flat Tires, and Small-Town Pubs

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Late last month, a jogger near Atlanta collapsed on a trail and didn’t have a pulse.  But other joggers found him and did CPR until a cop got there and took over.

The cop kept doing CPR for another 10 minutes until paramedics got there and took over.  And seconds later, the guy woke up and asked what happened.  The cops posted about it on Facebook.  It sounds like he’ll be okay.

2.  Speaking of heroes:  Have you seen this footage from Saturday?  Four firefighters in New York saved a woman while she dangled from the 20th-story window of a burning building.

They actually saved two women, and had to repel down on ropes to get to them.  A spokesman for the fire department said it’s a rescue technique that’s only used as a last resort.  There was just no other way to get to them.

3.  A woman’s Reddit post is going viral after a homeless guy in Chicago changed her flat tire.  She says she gave him all the cash she had, about $60.  (Here’s a photo.)

4.  A small town in England raised half-a-million pounds to save its only pub, called The Rising Sun.  They spent a decade trying to stop developers from turning it into apartments.  It just reopened on Saturday.  (Here’s a photo.)