Good News: Job Satisfaction Is Up . . . Thanks to How Lots of Companies Stepped Up for Their Employees During the Pandemic

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  It’s been a challenging year at work . . . but believe it or not, people are still pretty satisfied with their jobs.  In fact, there was slightly HIGHER job satisfaction last year than there was in 2019.

One of the biggest reasons is how lots of companies stepped up to take care of their workers.  People gave very high scores to things like company health plans, the performance review process, flexible time plans, and family leave plans.

2.  A seven-year-old kid in Tennessee who saved up his allowance to buy a new fishing rod caught an 83-POUND catfish last week . . . only two pounds under the state record.  The catfish is 47 inches, so it’s about the same size as he is.

3.  Here’s video of a 24-year-old woman in Washington telling her dad that thousands of people donated to cover his hospital bills for a massive stroke he suffered in August.  The people who donated had watched his recovery on TikTok.

4.  Americans have confidence in the economy for the first time since the pandemic hit, according to a new Gallup poll.  Our confidence level is now a “plus two” . . . which means people are slightly more positive than negative.  A year ago it was -33.