Good News: Jam Bands, Saxophones, and the World’s Oldest Doctor

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 20-year-old from New Zealand didn’t have anyone to jam with during the covid lockdowns.  So he taught his dad to play bass, and his mom to play drums.

Now they’ve got a band called Mommas Boy, and recently put out their first album called “Who Would Have Thought”.  (They’ve also got a TikTok where they play covers, like “Bad Moon Rising” by CCR.)

2.  A café in England has a new sliding price scale based on how polite you are.  If you say “hello” AND “please” when you order, you pay around $2 for a chai tea.  If you say “please” but NOT “hello,” it costs a little more.  And if you just walk up and say “chai tea,” you pay around $5.50 for the same drink.

3.  Doctors in Italy just did a nine-hour procedure to remove a guy’s brain tumor, and had him play the saxophone during the surgery.  It was to help make sure they snipped the right spots.  They say it was a success.  (Here’s the video.)

4.  The world’s oldest doctor is a 100-year-old from Ohio named Dr. Howard Tucker, who has no plans to retire.  He even posts health tips on TikTok now.  (He recently talked about the top three health-related things to never do.)