Good News: In-Laws, Water Rescues, and 30 Acts of Kindness

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A retired cop dove into a lake in North Carolina on Wednesday and pulled someone from a sinking car.  It was a convertible, but the top was up.  He unbuckled their seatbelt and got them out.  Then someone on a boat jumped in and helped get them to a dock.

2.  A woman in Wales thought she’d found the perfect gift for her son-in-law at a thrift shop . . . a KFC-branded coffee mug with the name “Shane” on it.

His name is Shane, and he’s a huge KFC fan.  So she bought it for him, because what are the chances?  But then his face dropped when she gave it to him.  It turned out HE was the one who donated it a few days earlier.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  A 29-year-old guy in San Francisco is on a mission to do 30 acts of kindness by his 30th birthday in February.  You can follow him at his Instagram account called “30 Acts by 30.”

They’re not exactly small acts of kindness either.  First, he made 400 desserts for firefighters.  Then he got 18 companies to donate $12,000 in school supplies, and made 150 kits for middle schoolers.