Good News: Hungry Dogs, Chonky Cats, and a Brilliant Parenting Trick

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A lady in Virginia just adopted a 40-pound cat.  His name is Patches.  A shelter posted a photo on Facebook and asked if someone wanted to adopt “the largest cat anyone has ever seen.”  Turned out someone did.

They’re putting him on a special diet and exercise plan so he can slim down.  They say he’s very sweet.  His previous owner just obviously overfed him.  (Here’s a shot of him with his new owner.)

2.  A 64-year-old guy in the U.K. was sleeping when his dog chomped down on his big toe so hard, it hit bone.  But it turns out he’s lucky his dog is a psycho.  He never felt it, because his whole foot was numb from diabetes.  So in the end, his dog probably saved his leg and maybe his life.

3.  Turn up that radio!  A new study found listening to music can help prevent dementia as you get older.  Learning to play an instrument can help too.

4.  Here’s a trick for anyone with young kids:  A mom in Ohio is going viral after she used a trick she learned on TikTok when she lost track of her three-year-old daughter at a museum.

Instead of yelling her name, she yelled out a description of what her daughter was wearing.  She said she was looking for a little girl in a “pink Minnie Mouse shirt.”  And within seconds, another parent pointed her out.  (Here’s the video.)