Good News: Holocaust Survivors, Handmade Cards, and the National Anthem

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two Holocaust survivors recently reunited in Florida 79 years later.  Their names are Jack Waksal and Sam Ron.  They ran into each other at a benefit dinner for the Holocaust Memorial Museum this month.  Until now, each of them never knew if the other survived.  Jack said it was like finding a long-lost brother.

2.  Charlotte, North Carolina’s Major League Soccer team recently added a new tradition.  Before each game, the entire crowd sings the National Anthem.  It started a few weeks back when a singer’s mic dropped out, so the crowd finished for them.

3.  A guy from Salt Lake City flew to Europe last week to give out handmade cards to Ukrainian refugees.  He collected hundreds of them from people in Utah.  He says he had to check two 50-pound bags that were nothing but cards.

4.  And here’s one more Ukraine story:  Remember right after it all started, when a Ukrainian soldier on Snake Island refused to surrender . . . and told a Russian warship to go EFF themselves?

At first, they thought he and the other soldiers on the island died, but some survived.  They got taken prisoner, but recently got released in a prisoner swap.  And this week, the “go [eff] yourself” guy got a medal for it.