Good News: Hockey Fans, Idiot Husbands, and a Radio Legend

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Congrats to our colleague, radio legend Mary McCoy in Texas, for setting a new Guinness World Record!  She’s now been on the air more than 72 YEARS.  She started as a host in 1951 when she was 12.  Now she’s 85 and has no plans to retire.  (Here’s a photo, and here she is hangin’ with Elvis in 1955.)

2.  18,000 fans sang the Star-Spangled Banner at an NHL game on Monday, and most weren’t even Americans.  The singer’s mic cut out at a Maple Leafs game in Toronto, so the crowd joined in.  (Here’s the video.  The singing starts at :35.)

3.  A woman in Australia was angry after her husband forgot to buy a lottery ticket with the numbers she’s been playing for 30 years.  So the next week, he tried to make up for it by purchasing TWO tickets with the same set of numbers.  Both tickets hit for a MILLION BUCKS, so they ended up winning $2 million.

4.  Here’s a crazy video:  A soldier from New Zealand volunteered to fight in Ukraine.  And he was raiding a building held by the Russians when he found a Ukrainian friend he thought had died.  He had a helmet-cam running, so you can hear the excitement in his voice when he realizes who it is.  (It happens at :31.)