Good News: Heroic Teens, Smart Dogs, and “Frogger”

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Late last month, cops in Virginia were trying to help a deer that got stuck on scaffolding next to a busy highway.  It got away and ran ACROSS the highway, but somehow managed to dodge four different cars.  A cop’s body-cam got it on video.  It’s like watching a game of “Frogger”(Here’s the video.)

2.  On Saturday, an 83-year-old guy in Iowa was driving his Jeep across a frozen lake, where his son was ice fishing.  The ice wasn’t thick enough, and his Jeep fell through.  But a 17-year-old kid saw it happen, and rescued him AND his dog.

3.  A dog in Texas ran away from her new home after she got adopted from a shelter last month.  But her new owners have her again . . . after she walked 10 miles back to the shelter, and rang the doorbell.

4.  Wildlife officials in Minnesota had to help a bear that couldn’t get out of the ditch it was hibernating in.  The snow was too deep, and the bear was groggy.  They relocated it to a better area, and now it’s hibernating again.

5.  A nine-year-old kid in Chicago just broke a world record by dribbling a basketball blindfolded for 1 hour and 20 minutes straight.