Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 75-year-old Canadian guy set a world record by becoming the oldest man to do a headstand.  (Only 75?  I feel like that record won’t stand long, no pun intended.)

2.  A seven-year-old runner named Talaya Crawford lost her shoe at the beginning of a 200-meter race in Omaha.  So the other kids got a five-second head start.  But then she put her shoe back on and beat them anyway.  Her dad is professional boxer Terence Crawford, who’s never lost in his career.  So maybe winning just runs in the family.

3.  Two customers went to a sit-down pizza place in Rhode Island last week . . . spent 48 bucks . . . and left their waitress an $810 tip.

4.  A woman in Florida suffered a medical issue last week . . . passed out behind the wheel . . . and her car started drifting into a busy intersection.  But a bunch of people jumped out of their own cars and worked together to stop it.

One of them was the woman’s coworker who happened to be at the same intersection.  So she was the first person to notice her slumped over.  It turned out the lady tried to pull over when she started feeling dizzy, and she didn’t wake up until the next day.

(Here’s the video.  Extra props to the guy in the white shirt at :56, who thought he could just PUNCH through her passenger side window.)