Good News: Guinea Pigs, Siblings, and Ukrainian Refugees

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Americans are looking for ways to help Ukrainian refugees from across the world.  Google Trends says the top “refugee” questions we’re asking right now are:  “How to house Ukrainian refugees” . . . “How to sponsor” a refugee . . . and “Where can I donate clothes?”  (Europe is handling most of the refugees for now, but that could change.  One way to help is by donating to groups like UNICEF and

2.  A guinea pig in North Carolina named Coco could be a world record holder soon for most tricks in under a minute.  He did 18 tricks in 60 seconds on Monday.  His owner is just waiting for Guinness to certify it.  She says he’ll probably retire after this, because he’s been losing interest the past few months.  He knows about 70 different tricks.

3.  Speaking of world records:  Four siblings from the Midwest recently broke a record for highest combined age.  They range in age from 93 to 100, and they’re all still kickin’.  Their current combined age is over 384 years.

4.  Firefighters in Indianapolis rescued a teenager from a tree the other day.  He climbed it to rescue a cat, and got stuck 35 feet up.  Luckily he’s fine other than a few scrapes.  Firefighters said the cat made no effort to come down and seemed like it was enjoying itself.  So they just left it alone.  A tree trimmer eventually got it down though.