Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A guy in Missouri got a new kidney last week, and didn’t know who the donor was until right after the surgery . . . when his DAUGHTER walked in the room in a hospital gown.  She’s an adult, but he told her she was too young and didn’t want her to do it.  So she went behind his back and kept it a secret for eight months.

2.  An 80-year-old high school janitor in Texas had to come out of retirement after his rent went up by $400 a month.  But students at the school weren’t having it, and started a GoFunMe campaign that’s now raised over $200,000 for him.

3.  A three-year-old English setter in Arizona named Bisbee just broke a world record for longest tongue on a dog.  They measure according to how far it hangs out, and his tongue is 3.74 inches longer than his snout.  (Here’s a photo.)

He got the record for longest tongue on a LIVING dog.  But it’s not even close to the all-time record.  That belongs to a dog from Michigan named Brandy . . . who still holds the record at SEVENTEEN inches.  (Here’s a photo.)