Good News: Good Neighbors, Abandoned Puppies, and Total Strangers

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A guy in Pennsylvania had a heart attack this month, and rang his neighbors’ doorbell because one is a firefighter, and the other’s a nurse.  They ended up doing CPR, and their doorbell camera got it all on video.  It also got a shot of him coming back two days later to thank them for saving his life.  (Here’s the video.)

2.  Someone in Houston found an abandoned puppy under a junk pile on the side of the road.  So they rescued it, and it got adopted by a dancer for the Houston Rockets.  (Here’s the video.)

3.  A woman in Australia scratched off some lottery tickets and complained that she never wins any money.  Then her daughter double-checked them, and realized one was a $10,000 winner.

4.  A woman on a bus in Peru recently fell asleep on a random guy’s shoulder, and he just let her sleep.  Then she saw him on the same bus again a few weeks later . . . he asked her out . . . and now they’re dating.  (Here’s the video.)