Good News: Gold Coins, Half-Naked Santas, and America’s Most Caring Cities

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A new study ranked the Most Caring Cities in the U.S. based on everything from volunteering to how many people help out their neighbors.  The top five are Madison, Wisconsin . . . Boston . . . New York . . . Virginia Beach . . . and Fremont, California

2.  A bunch of people in Budapest raised money for charity by running two miles in nothing but Santa hats and red underwear.  It’s an annual event that had to be canceled last year because of the pandemic.

3.  Someone dropped a gold coin worth $1,900 in a Salvation Army bucket at a grocery store in Alaska.  It was a South African Krugerrand.

4.  A woman in Germany lost her wedding ring 25 years ago, but just got it back . . . after a mole dug it out of the ground.  She never knew where she’d lost it.  It turns out it slipped off her finger near a local swimming pool.  And this part’s cool:  She kept hoping she’d find it someday, so she and her husband never bought a replacement ring.

5.  A woman in Philadelphia named Charlotte Fatoma tried to drive herself to the hospital when she went into labor last month, but had the baby in her car on the side of the road.  And yesterday, she got to meet the 911 operator who talked her through it.

The operator’s name is Elyce Rivera, and she’d only been on the job for a month.  When they finally met, Charlotte revealed that she named her daughter Elizabeth Elyce in her honor.  She also asked her to be the kid’s godmother.