Good News: Garden Gnomes, Haircuts, and a $1 Billion Donation

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Most students at Johns Hopkins’ medical school won’t have to worry about tuition thanks to a $1 BILLION donation from Mike Bloomberg’s charity.  Only students with families who make more than $300,000 a year will have to pay.

2.  A bunch of garden gnomes went missing last month from a guy’s yard in the Canadian city of Kelowna.  (kell-OH-nuh)  But they weren’t stolen.  A secretive group that calls itself the “Gnome Restoration Society” fixed them up and returned them all.  (Here’s a photo of him with his newly restored gnomes.)

3.  Carey Knox works as an “intervention specialist” at an elementary school in Fresno, California.  He teaches life skills and helps kids work through any issues they’re having.  But now, he’s also a barber(???)

He went to school for it during the pandemic, and recently noticed a student hadn’t had a trim in a while.  So he got permission from parents and his principal to start cutting kids’ hair at lunch for free.  He says it’s been a boost for their self-esteem, and it gives him a chance to check in and build relationships.