Good News: Friendly Fish, Helpful Ants, and Weird Retirement Goals

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A retired couple from Virginia named Judy and Mike McNamara are getting closer to accomplishing their dream . . . of eating at every Texas Roadhouse location in the U.S.  There are around 650 of them.

They should hit another 80 this year, bringing their total up over 500.  They went to their first one in 2003, but really kicked it into gear after Judy retired seven years ago.

2.  A woman in Minnesota named Holly Jorgensen is making headlines again thanks to her odd relationship with a fish . . . a sunfish she named Greenie almost a decade ago.

She lives on a lake, and he visits her at her dock.  She handfeeds him, and he also follows her around when she swims.

She knows he’ll die or be caught someday.  But the lake she lives on thawed out this spring, and he showed up for a NINTH year in a row.

3.  A study found carpenter ants will amputate a friend’s limb to save their life.  It’s the first time scientists have seen another species do it.