Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A company in Austin sponsored free weddings for two couples who’ve gone above and beyond during the pandemic.  One is a pair of occupational therapists who turned their office into a Covid recovery center.  The other couple are journalists who’ve been covering the pandemic for the local news non-stop.

2.  Fiji’s national rugby team is playing in Australia this season, and just finished up a two-week quarantine in a hotel there.  And they thanked the staff for all their help by going out on their balconies and singing to them.

3.  A guy in the U.K. has been raising money for a mental health charity by running to local bars every day to see if they’re open yet . . . even though he knows they’re still locked down.  So far, he’s raised about $3,000.

4.  A retired teacher in Italy passed away in December at 96.  And it turns out she left over $30 MILLION to two hospitals and other charities.  No one’s sure how she amassed so much money, but it’s possible she inherited it.