Good News: Football Fans, Burning Cars, and Risky Proposals

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Cops and firefighters in Kansas pulled a woman from a burning car on Monday, and one of their chest-cams got it on video.  The car was on its side and fully engulfed.  They got her to a hospital, and she’s expected to recover.

2.  Some guy proposed to his girlfriend on a boat and dropped the ring box in the ocean, but immediately dove in and snagged it.  The video they posted on TikTok has racked up millions of views.  (Here’s the video.  There’s also one of her cracking upafter it happened.)

3.  A Clemson fan in North Carolina watched them lose to Notre Dame two weeks ago.  Then he joked with friends that they should buy lottery tickets, because their “luck couldn’t get any worse.”  And the ticket he bought ended up hitting for $150,000.

4.  Transit workers in New York shut off the power to the third rail on a set of train tracks this month to rescue a little orange kitten.  Now the woman who initially called it in has adopted it.

5.  It’s important to find purpose in life, and it might even SAVE your life.  A study at Boston University found people with a strong sense of purpose live longer.