Good News: Firefighters, Nurses, and MrBeast’s Latest Good Deed

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A fire department in central California posted a Father’s Day photo after a huge baby boom this past year.  In 12 months, firefighters have welcomed 14 babies.  (The photo only shows 13 of them.)

2.  YouTube’s MrBeast is at it again, donating $200,000 to give families in a poor Ugandan village a full year’s salary, around $1,000 each.  Some of them have already used the money to open businesses, build homes, and send their kids to school.

He also launched a fundraiser, so fans can give the same amount to families in a neighboring village.  You can check it out at  (Here’s the video.  They get the money transfer at 7:59.)

3.  A nurse in Fresno, California named Patrice Sanders passed away this month after working 36 years at a children’s hospital.  And hospital workers honored her by lining the hallway as she was wheeled into surgery to donate her organs.

Her sister says Patrice always had deep respect for people who donated, and wanted to make sure she did the same.  Quote, “She loved well, was well loved, and is continuing to love others that she doesn’t even know.”