Good News: Firefighters, Engagement Rings, and a Big Shopping Spree

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Three jerks pranked an eight-year-old kid at a Target in Connecticut by claiming they worked for YouTube star Mr. Beast.  They told him to fill a shopping cart with as much stuff as he could while blindfolded, and called it the “Shopping Cart Challenge.”  But once he started, they ran off.

The kid’s name is Gabe Lyles.  He was sad and embarrassed by it.  But the good news is he DID get his shopping spree after all.  Someone donated a $200 Target gift card, and Target matched it.  So he ended up with $400 worth of stuff.

2.  A guy from Tennessee was planning to propose to his girlfriend on the beach in South Carolina this month . . . then realized he’d dropped the ring in the sand and didn’t know where.  But luckily, a 15-year-old kid happened to be there with a metal detector, and found the ring in 45 seconds.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  Back in 2005, a firefighter in Georgia saved a pregnant woman from an elevator that was filling with smoke.  She and her unborn daughter survived, and she never saw him after that.  But they just reunited 18 years later after she tracked him down to invite him to the daughter’s high school graduation.