Good News: Feline Wedding Crasher, and a Woman Finds Her Own Lost Wallet on the Beach

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Back in September, a stray cat rudely and loudly crashed a couple’s outdoor wedding, when it wouldn’t stop meowing during the groom’s wedding vows.

The couple, Cara and Matt Hamdan, are big-time cat-people, and so when they heard that the cat had been caught by the venue a couple weeks later, they knew they needed to adopt her.  The cat, Daisy, is now part of their family.

(Here’s a recent update from “Good Morning America“, and here’s the original video.)

2.  L.A. firefighters were able to rescue a 1,200-pound horse who sank into a sinkhole that opened up on someone’s property.  The horse was in mild distress, but she was otherwise okay.  And she got some carrots afterward.

(Here’s an EXCELLENT play-by-play of the situation from one of the firefighters.  And here’s her getting a bath after they pulled her out.)

3.  The odds are LONG that a person’s wallet that had gone overboard in the ocean would be found almost a YEAR later on the beach.

The odds are REALLY long that you would find your OWN wallet on a beach a year after you’d dropped it in the water.  But that’s what happened to one woman in Canada.  She said everything was in good shape, expect the zipper was corroded.

(Here’s her sharing her story, and here’s the TikTok of her discovery.)

4.  Finally:  A member of OUR family, writer Nick English, had his dog Fidget pass away yesterday.  While the loss of an awesome, beloved pet is never “good news,” Fidget was diagnosed with terminal cancer and Nick was told he could go at any day . . . back in December of 2021.

Yeah, two years and two months ago.

He put up an incredible fight, and their vets were continually amazed that he lasted as long as he did, with the quality of life that he had.

There will be tough times in life, and sometimes they barrel through and there’s nothing you can do.  But it’s also important to shine a light on the times when things take an unexpected turn, and there’s more to the journey than you could’ve imagined when things first hit you heavy.