Good News: Father’s Day Leftovers and a Very Old Lobster

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Whatever you got Dad for Father’s Day, it won’t beat this:  The mayor of San Pablo in northern California gave his dad part of his liver.

His name is Abel Pineda.  His dad Manuel needed a transplant but was way down on the list.  So Abel lost 50 pounds in three months, and donated the right lobe of his liver to save his dad’s life.

The surgery happened earlier this year.  It went viral over the weekend after Abel posted about it on TikTok late last month.

2.  Here’s another leftover from Father’s Day:  A 42-year-old former Marine in North Carolina named James Culp recently took a second job at a grocery store . . . just to spend more time with his 19-year-old daughter who works there.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  A seafood place on Long Island called Peter’s Clam Bar pardoned a VERY old lobster on Thursday.  His name is Lenny the Lobster.  They think he’s around 111 years old.

He’d been an attraction there for years, but they decided to set him free.  He could live another 50 years in the wild.

The same place was in the news in 2016 when they pardoned an even older lobster named Larry.  He was around 130 when they let him go.