Good News: Falcons, Artists, and Obvious Lottery Numbers

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A cop in Maine helped rescue a peregrine falcon that chased a pigeon into a toy store and couldn’t get out.  He joked that it’s not really a situation they train you for at the academy.  He released it outside, and it’s okay.  No word on how the pigeon’s doing.

2.  An artist in Toronto was riding his bike this month when his sketchbook fell out of his basket, and he didn’t realize.  It had a decade’s worth of art in it, so he was devastated.  He put flyers up everywhere, and no one turned it in.

But then someone posted about it on a neighborhood Facebook page, and the guy who found it got in touch.  He refused to accept any reward and told him, “My reward is your happiness.”

3.  Turns out two of the winning numbers in this month’s big Powerball drawing were staring us right in the face.  A woman in Massachusetts didn’t hit the jackpot, but matched all five numbers without the Powerball to win a million bucks.

Two of them were “7” and “11”, which she chose because . . . 7-Eleven sells lottery tickets.  She didn’t actually buy the winning ticket there though, oddly enough.  Her other three numbers were inspired by her favorite race car drivers.