Good News: Ducklings, Refugees, and Valedictorians

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two Ukrainian refugees came to the U.S. with their two-year-old daughter last year, and they’re grateful to be here for more reasons than one.

She’s three now, and was born deaf.  But after they got settled in South Carolina, they took her to a hearing specialist, where she got fitted for a cochlear implant.  There’s a great video of them turning it on last month.  (The raw footage is in the second video here.  They turn it on at 3:29.)

2.  A traffic camera in Fresno, California caught a guy on a motorcycle helping a family of ducks cross a busy street last week.  He was pulling up to a red light when they darted in front of his bike.  So he hopped off and stopped traffic to make sure they got across.

3.  A woman on Staten Island just turned 104.  Here are her three secrets:   Lots of spinach . . . always taking the time to do her make-up when she goes out . . . and having one glass of beer every day.

4.  A woman in Canada had to drop out of college in 2013 to focus on her sobriety.  But now a decade later, she’s 29 . . .  been sober nine years . . . recently went back to school . . . and will graduate as valedictorian of her class next week.