Good News: Drones, Cars, and Cats with Facial Hair

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Sweden recently got a fleet of drones that can show up with a defibrillator when someone’s having a heart attack.  And they just saved their first life.

A 71-year-old guy collapsed while shoveling snow on December 9th.  The drone took about three minutes to get there, and arrived before paramedics.  Then someone zapped him with it, and he pulled through.  He’s already made a full recovery.

2.  A cat in California is going viral because it looks like Freddie Mercury.  The pattern on its face makes it look like it has a big, bushy mustache.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  A 16-year-old kid in Texas named Jonathan Fredricks spent a year working at Chick-fil-A so he could buy a car.  He paid 10 grand for a guy’s Mazda SUV.  But then it got REPO’D last year, because the guy didn’t actually own it outright.

Jonathan ended up with no car AND no money.  But luckily, a dealership called Frank Kent Motor Company heard about it, and stepped up to help.  They recently gave him a Kia Soul SUV to replace it.  It looks like it might even be newer than the one he had.

4.  A 23-year-old named Melanie Salazar graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio last month . . . and so did her 88-year-old GRANDFATHER.  He’d always wanted to get his degree, so they enrolled together.  They’d already graduated from community college together back in 2017.