Good News: DoorDash Drivers, Food Reviews, and Grand Pianos

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A woman on Reddit posted a letter a DoorDash driver left in her mailbox, thanking her for a generous tip she left them on Christmas Eve . . . $100 on a $60 order.  They said they’ve been delivering food since losing their job last fall.  And the tip was so out of nowhere, they couldn’t stop crying.

2.  Have you heard about this kid yet?  An 11-year-old in Colorado named Jude Kofie has autism, and learned to play the piano without any lessons.  He’s just naturally gifted, and people are comparing him to Mozart.

His parents don’t have much money, so all he had was a keyboard.  But late last year, a guy who tunes pianos named Bill Magnusson heard him play . . . and was so blown away, he paid $15,000 to buy him a grand piano.

It doesn’t sound like Bill’s super wealthy.  He used a chunk of his inheritance to buy it.  He’s also paying for lessons, so Jude can get even better.  And he promised to tune the piano for him once a month for the rest of his life.

3.  A guy in Vegas named Frank Steele opened a pizza place called Frankenson’s four months ago.  And he was struggling to even pay his rent until last week, when a popular TikTok food reviewer came in.

The TikToker’s name is Keith Lee.  He lives in Vegas and has over eight million followers.  One of Frank’s employees had reached out on their own and asked how much he’d charge to review the place.

Instead, Keith stopped by on his own last Monday, bought $80 worth of food, taste-tested it on TikTok, and loved it.  And within hours, business was booming.

Frank didn’t know why at first.  But a reporter interviewed him two days later, and he got pretty emotional talking about it.

Two things Keith really loved were the garlic knots and lemon pepper wings.  Frank said he’d had more orders of those in the last two days than he’d had in four months.  And it looks like his business might survive now.

In one week, the TikTok review has racked up over 30 million views.  (Here’s the review.)