Good News: Dominoes, Coyotes, and Dancing Dogs

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Kids at an elementary school in Wisconsin may have just set a new record by using more than 7,000 cereal boxes as dominoes.  The line wrapped through the school’s hallways and into the gym.  They think they beat the record, but they’re waiting for Guinness to confirm it.  All of the cereal was donated to food banks.

2.  A 12-year-old in New Jersey heard that a truck full of frozen French fries crashed.  So he recorded his own news report, and an actual station played it on the air.  He said no one was hurt, all the fries are okay, and his teacher who got stuck in traffic still made it to school on time.  (His report starts at :31 here.)

3.  A dog that was dumped in the desert in Nevada was rescued after living more than six months with a pack of coyotes.  They accepted him, and he may have even been the alpha.  Some trappers finally managed to catch him in a cage.  His rescuers say he’ll be okay and loves humans.

4.  And speaking of dogs:  14 dogs in Germany broke a world record for most dogs in a conga line.  It happened in August, but Guinness just posted the footage.  The previous record of nine was held by the trainer’s daughter.  So he actually snatched it away from her.  (Here’s the video.)