Good News: Dogs, Trash Cans, and Free Yardwork

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  More and more research is finding that pets are good for our mental health.  Even petting other people’s dogs can give your mental health a boost.  (Unless it turns out their dog BITES, of course.)

2.  Someone in England asked their neighbors if they’d “take their trash out” while they were away.  But instead of just taking it out to the curb, they took it out on the town and staged a photoshoot.

They stuck googly eyes on it, and got shots of it at the store . . . out walking a dog . . . and out at a playground where it went down a slide.

3.  You may have heard about this group before.  Early in the pandemic, a guy in New Jersey started a nonprofit called “I Want to Mow Your Lawn“, where you can volunteer to mow lawns for senior citizens and other people who need help.

Now it’s back in the news because it’s expanded to 46 states, and recently went international.  A handful of volunteers have popped up in Toronto.  And a retired Marine in South Korea recently started doing it for widows of fallen soldiers.  You can sign up to volunteer at