Good News: Dogs, Organ Donors, and a 90-Year-Old Harley Fan

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Years ago, a great-grandmother in England told her kids that if she made it to 90, she wanted to ride a Harley again.  So they remembered, and made it happen for her 90th birthday last month.

She used to ride motorcycles when she was young.  So they got some bikers to swing her around town and take her to a bar.  She said the wind in her face made her feel “21 again.”  (Here’s a video.)

2.  A golden retriever got adopted in Northern Ireland last month, then ran off and was missing for 26 days.  But they eventually got him back . . . after he walked more than 40 miles to his former owners’ home.

3.  A 44-year-old in the U.K. named Lucy Humphrey recently got a new kidney thanks to her dog.  She’d been waiting for a donor for five years.  Then last year, she had to cancel a vacation for health reasons, and took her dogs to a beach instead.

One of them kept running up to a random woman named Katie James, who was sitting in a chair knitting.  It turned out she’d just signed up to be a kidney donor.  The surgery happened in October, and they’re both doing great.