Good News: Dogs, Lotto Tickets, and a Long-Lost Letterman Jacket

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A search-and-rescue team in Maryland was shooting a training video on a river over the weekend, and was in the right place at the right time.  Some guy lost control of his car and drove INTO the river, but they were right there to rescue him.

2.  A guy in Missouri bought his mom a lottery ticket, and it hit for $100,000.  Now she’s going to use some of the money to buy him a new truck.

3.  A dog in Tennessee named Gus chased after a burglar and took a bullet to the HEAD, but survived.  Now the burglar is in jail, and Gus is the town hero.  This month, everyone in his neighborhood got together and threw a party for his second birthday.

4.  A guy in Arizona named Jed Mottley played high school football in the ’90s and ordered a letterman jacket in 1994, but his mom couldn’t afford it.  So all his buddies got one, but he never did . . . until now.

It turns out the school ordered it, but held onto it when he couldn’t pay.  And his brother just found it in a THRIFT STORE almost 30 years later.  It’s got his name and jersey number, so it’s definitely his.  And it’s mint.  It’s never been worn, and still has the tag.

He says it was something like $300 in 1994, but his brother snapped it up at the thrift store for 45 bucks.