Good News: Dogs, Grandmas, and a Radio World Record

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A radio host in Australia named Mario Bekes just became a Guinness World Record holder.  He recently hosted his show for 55 hours and 26 minutes straight.

2.  A cop in Virginia ran into a burning building last month to save three dogs.  Now there’s body-cam footage of it online.  All three dogs made it out.

3.  Best grandma ever?  This lady really had to work for it:  Back in November, a woman in Massachusetts named Pat Morse bought Taylor Swift tickets for each of her five granddaughters.  Then it almost fell through.

She bought them through StubHub for a show in May.  But back in February, she got an email from StubHub saying there were “no tickets available.”  (???)  The seller flaked, and StubHub claimed there was nothing they could do.  But Pat refused to break her grandkids’ hearts.  So she went to her local news.

StubHub has a “guarantee.”  So if something like this happens, you’re supposed to get similar seats to the same event.  And once her local news got involved, they immediately buckled.  Within 24 hours, Pat’s granddaughters had BETTER seats about 20 rows closer.  One of them called it “the best night of [her] life.”