Good News: Dogs, Cops, and Relationship Fights

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A couple in the U.K. both recently turned 100, and also celebrated their 75th anniversary.  They say the secret to their success is having one small FIGHT every day.  (???)  They also still drink.  (Here’s a photo.)

2.  A Colorado woman just became a cop, and the officer who pinned her badge on is the same cop who saved her 20 years ago.  He found her in a METH den as a baby.  She eventually got adopted by a couple who gave her a much better life.

3.  An 11-year-old Shiba Inu named Gordon just won Pedigree’s “Cutest Rescue Dog” contest.  He got hit by a car in Taiwan years ago and uses a wheelchair now, but he’s still happy as ever.  A couple in Alabama took him in.

4.  And in other dog news:  This is kind of like that friend who moved to L.A. to be an actor and failed.  But it’s good, because then they found their real calling.

A breeder in Washington state paid $10,000 for a purebred Lab named Duke, and hoped he’d be a good show dog someday.

But she entered him in some competitions.  And every time a judge touched him, he’d just roll over and want them to rub his belly.

So he couldn’t hack it as a show dog and flamed out.  But it turns out he’s much better at something else anyway.

He now works for the Oregon Department of Human Services as a COMFORT dog for kids.  (Here’s a photo.)