Good News: Dog Parades and Radio Love Stories

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A radio host in Cincinnati named Natalie Jones is in the news after fans helped track down a guy she KISSED at a recent concert.  (Here’s a great interview they did with him.  Props to Natalie and our friends at WKRQ!)

They were standing in line for beer and started talking.  Someone got a great photo of the kiss, and that’s all she had to go on.  But listeners managed to track him down.  It turned out he’d been looking for her too.

He lives in Pennsylvania, so it would have to be a long-distance thing for now.  But they already met up again, and they’re also getting together next month for the Fourth of July.

2.  A guy in San Jose, California turned 100 years old last Saturday and loves dogs.  So his family used the app Nextdoor to organize a big dog parade.  Around 200 people with dogs showed up for it.

(Related Good News:  A guy who writes for us recently published a really great kids book called “The Day the Dogs Had a Parade“.  His mom wrote it, and it sat in a drawer for 40 years.  You can check it out on Amazon.  He’s behind a lot of the fun stuff we bring you.  So please give it some love!)

3.  A man in Connecticut got SHOT while driving in his car on Tuesday.  But he’s okay after his cell phone stopped the bullet.  He only got grazed by it.  Last we heard, cops were still looking for the shooter.

4.  A woman in Georgia named Jacki Flournoy is excited right now, because something she planted in her yard 36 years ago has finally bloomed.

It’s a type of agave called a “century plant,” because it only blooms once in its whole life.  And when it does, it’s impressive.  Practically overnight, a stalk shot up 25 feet from the middle of it.  (Here’s a photo.)