Good News: Doctors, Pilots, and Uber Drivers

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Late last month, a 21-year-old pilot in Michigan named Taylor Hash had to make an emergency landing after her single-engine plane lost its front wheel.  She didn’t even know until another pilot noticed and told air traffic control.

That pilot’s name is Chris Yates, and he ended up talking her down.  He got on the radio . . . told her his daughter happens to be named Taylor too . . . and said, “We’re gonna be just fine, kiddo.”  She landed safely and wasn’t hurt.

2.  A 33-year-old Uber driver recently picked up a 71-year-old guy from a dialysis center in Delaware, and ended up giving him a kidney.

3.  A woman in North Carolina recently bought a vintage Cartier purse for a buck.  Now she’s in the news after it sold at auction last month for $9,450.

4.  An 18-year-old in England was diagnosed with high-functioning autism two years ago, and a friend told him he’d never be a doctor like he wanted to.  But he was inspired to keep pursuing it after watching the show “The Good Doctor”about a surgeon with autism.  Now he’s headed to medical school later this year.