Good News: Deer, Donkeys, and “Toys for Tickets”

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A cop in Georgia saved a young deer that got wedged between two bars in a metal fence.  And his chest-cam got it on video.

2.  Meanwhile, cops and firefighters in Nevada worked together to save a wild donkey that wandered into an old mine shaft, and got stuck in a ten-foot hole.  A hiker spotted it and called it in last Thursday.  Rescuers had to scale a mountain with all their gear to get to it.  Then they spent hours hoisting it out, and released it.  It was hungry and dehydrated, but wasn’t hurt.

3.  The city of Kingston, Ontario in Canada just finished up its annual “Toys for Tickets” campaign.  Anyone who got a parking ticket between November 1st and December 3rd could avoid paying by donating a toy instead.

Since 2005, they’ve collected more than 3,600 toys to hand out to kids over the holidays.  And a lot of cities here are doing it this year too, everywhere from Las Vegas to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

4.  Kellogg’s just announced they’ve donated 30 MILLION servings of food to food banks across the U.S. . . . things like cereal, snack bars, and Eggo waffles.