Good News: Dance Moves, Heroic Kids, and Free Donuts

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A six-year-old in Alabama named Kayden Reid got a hero’s welcome from his local fire department after he got home from the hospital last week.  He ran out into the street to save his little sister from being hit by a car, and HE got hit instead.  But he’s okay.

Firefighters showed up at his house the next day to thank him for being so brave.  They gave him a tour of their truck, and let him sit up front.  He decided to wear his Superman Halloween costume for it.

2.  The Red Cross still needs more blood donations.  So Krispy Kreme is giving anyone who donates this week a dozen donuts for free.  Just show up with a donation sticker, or something to prove you gave blood.  The promotion runs through next Monday.

3.  A guy in Australia recently texted his neighbor to see if he’d take his garbage can out for him, meaning out to the street.  But instead, the neighbor took it out on the TOWN and sent photos.  They went to the beach . . . ran errands . . . and got a massage.

4.  There’s a guy in Wisconsin named Isaac Juoni who’s on the spectrum.  And for two years, he’s been dancing for his local police department each week to cheer them up.

He met a cop named Kristina Meilahn when she was a resource officer at his high school.  Then she made detective, so now he visits her at the station.  He’s danced to everything from Michael Jackson to “Fraggle Rock”