Good News: Dads, Grandmas, and Ninja Turtles

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A dad in northern Canada found out his 16-year-old son needed a kidney transplant . . . and lost 79 pounds so he could be the organ donor.

He was 274 pounds and had to get under 200.  He’s now down around 195 and got approved last month.  The surgery is happening in June.  (Here’s a before-and-after shot.)

2.  A woman in California gave her grandson a $10 lottery ticket for his 18th birthday, and it hit for $1 MILLION.  It’s a ticket made specifically for gift-giving.  There’s a bow printed on it and the words “The Perfect Gift”.  (Here’s a photo.)

He didn’t even have a license or I.D. yet, so he had to go get one before he could cash the ticket.  He says he’s “pretty stoked” about it.  He plans to use some of the money for college and save the rest.

3.  Cops in New York rescued a dog they found in the sewer, and named him “Leonardo” after the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.  He’s now being put up for adoption.

4.  A woman in Kentucky dropped her Volvo off at a mechanic after hours last month, and left the keys in a drop-box outside.  Then thieves broke into the drop-box overnight and stole two cars, including hers.  But a Good Samaritan eventually helped her get it back.

She got a call from a weird number.  It turned out the thieves abandoned her car.  And a random guy saw it parked with the windows down while it was raining.  So he thought that was weird . . . found a business card inside . . . tracked her down . . . and she got her car back.

Unfortunately, all her belongings were gone.  But cops eventually found the other stolen car, and almost all her stuff was in that one.  The only things she didn’t get back were some folding chairs.