Good News: Cute Cats, Free Cars, and Ukrainian Refugees

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A no-kill animal shelter in Kansas City posted a six-minute video this month to get more cats adopted, and it worked really well.

They wrote down different traits on scrap paper, like “loves to cuddle” or “great with other cats.”  Then they had employees pick them from a hat, and tell people which cat had each trait.

The video racked up over 400,000 ‘likes’ this month, and now almost all of the cats featured in it have been adopted out.  (Here’s the video.)

2.  A nonprofit in Minneapolis called American Service just sent a bunch of volunteers to Mississippi this week to help tornado victims.  And seven of the volunteers are refugees from Ukraine.  They all arrived here in the last three months and wanted to do something to give back.

3.  The owner of a used car dealership in Wisconsin turned a weird misunderstanding into a good deed this month, and got some good publicity too.

His name is Joe Greene.  He owns a place called Budget Motors and started getting bad reviews this month, but didn’t know why.  It turned out they were actually meant for another dealership that recently changed its name.

They changed THEIR name to “Budget Motors” after a customer left her I.D. behind . . . and an employee was caught destroying and URINATING on it for some reason.  (???)

When Joe heard what the other dealership did, he found the woman online . . . asked her to stop by HIS Budget Motors . . . and gave her a FREE CAR.

He also made t-shirts that say, “Here at the REAL Budget Motors, we won’t ever tinkle on your driver’s license.”