Good News: Crossing Guards, Referees, and Father’s Day Gifts

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 64-year-old in North Carolina named John Rogers bought himself a lottery ticket for Father’s Day and won $2 MILLION.  (So whatever his kids got him this year sucked in comparison.)

2.  Did you hear about this yet?  Last weekend, a referee had a heart attack at a minor league basketball game in New York.  But luckily, a player named Myles Copeland works as a firefighter.  So he jumped off the bench, did CPR, and saved his life.

Paramedics got him to a hospital.  Last we heard, he was doing better and set to have heart surgery.  And this part’s nice too:  Once it was all over, Myles and his teammates got back to the game and WON it.  (Here’s a video of him doing CPR.)

3.  A woman named Nataly Morales Villa recently got her master’s in education from Harvard.  Now there’s a video going viral of her taking off her cap and gown and having her MOM wear it instead.  The mom never even got to finish high school.  So she wanted to honor her for everything she’s done.

4.  A stray dog in the country of Georgia has been working as an unpaid crossing guard.  (???)  Whenever kids cross a certain road by a park, he barks at cars to stop and basically herds the kids across the street.  He’s apparently been doing it for years, but the website The Dodo just did a story on him.