Good News: Cousins, Coworkers, and Cats

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A doctor in Virginia saw a 67-year-old patient last month named Robin Sipe, who’d been dealing with depression . . . so he prescribed her a cat.  (???)

Her 15-year-old cat passed away recently, and he thought it was time for her to get another one.  He literally wrote down, “Get a cat.”  And she did.

On the way home from her appointment, Robin stopped to buy corn at a roadside stand, and they happened to have five kittens they were trying to adopt out.

One of them was missing a paw, and that’s the one she chose.  The doctor’s name is Earl King, so she named it “Earlene.”  She says the prescription worked.  She’s doing much better now.

2.  A man in South Carolina needed a new kidney, and was on the transplant list for a year when he found out his cousin was a match.  He didn’t even know she’d been tested.  She did it on her own.

3.  A 43-year-old mom in Florida named Kelly Avery paid tribute online to a former coworker who recently passed away.  Because five years ago, he saved her life.

In 2018, she was working at a nursing home with a guy named Gary Blanchfield, who saw a small mole on the back of her arm and urged her to get it checked out.  It turned out it was melanoma.

She had it removed, and she’s okay.  But her doctor said if she’d waited a few more months, it would have been a different story.

She says Gary actually saved her life again several months later while she was showing him her “cool” surgery scar.  He noticed another small mark near the scar, and it turned out that was melanoma too.  (Here’s a before-and-after.)